Dutch PopArt artist HAYO SOL is worldwide renowned for his beautiful PopArt paintings and designs that are carefully crafted with metal and acrylic paint, air brush technique and original Swarovski crystals on silk coated canvas. These materials combined with his incredible talent, turn each piece into a 3 dimensional painting that comes to live when light illuminates the canvas. Based on the origin that all life on earth needs sunlight to come to life and survive, this principle was translated by SOL (who’s last name is Spanish for ‘Sun”) into PopArt that is truly original again and has taken the art-world by storm, ever since Warhol and Liechtenstein set the bar. As an artist HAYO, who is called” The Vincent van Gogh of PopArt”, is inspired by the immortal beauty of movie legends, icons of style and extraordinary people. In his work he takes their beauty and glamour to a new and higher level in order to let us experience his art with the most intense impact possible.