Nadine graduated in Photography at the HKU in 2000 and moved to Amsterdam, where she started to pursue her secret love: painting.
Inspired by the absurdistic images she saw working in a small photographyshop, she started her journey into the absurdity of reality. When she turned 30 the real passion started, inspired by the newfound freedom she experienced in her beloved club circuit. Her house-turned-into-24-hours-nightclub was the place where she refound her almost childlike innocence. In her studio in the basement of the club she worked on a serie that was permeated of hidden moments in the afterparty-life. Her club, Pand 14, got the first 24-hour permit in the city of Amsterdam, but this avant-garde club was destroyed by the government in order to make place for the parking lot of the neighbouring McDonalds. Heavily pregnant, she packed 1200 square metres club to move to another project in Amsterdam New West – RADION.

After making a start with Radion, she left the club after she felt that she was not able to express her thoughts and creativity. This resulted in a new creative explosion in her canvasses, leaving her old realistic style behind. The more abstract form gives her the change to expresses those feelings for which she was never able to find words, a place yet to be discovered in an artistic way – a quest towards her essence, that place from which all her creativity flows. . Nadine and George share a studio since five months.