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Will Kellermann (Vught 1944)

Will Kellermann has been painting as early as the sixties when she attended the Art Academies of Tilburg and The Hague. Afterwards she lived and worked in Switzerland, where she studied at the Kunstgewerbe Schule in Zürich and developed herself as a professional artist. Back in Holland in the mid-eighties she made a name for herself with a surprising new technique which she called silkcolor©. She used silk as a canvas. She makes good use of the capillary quality of the silk fibres so as to bring the light in the painting to life. Colourful, often flamboyant works are the result.

Will Kellermann is a Romantic painter

Her adventurous style, although hard to pinpoint, tends towards impressionism, sometimes even abstract. Her work can be found in Holland as well as abroad, from Washington to Amman and from Zürich to Lisbon. She has a worldwide following and clientele. Her work is always different. She paints playful small oil paintings, joyous pastels, feather light watercolours (for instance her children´s portraits) and the before mentioned silkcolor©