Malgorzata Chajnowska

My name is Malgorzata (Malgo) Chajnowska. I currently reside in Zandvoort, NL.
I’m a bohemian painter, there are elements of orient and folk designs in my paintings.
I mainly paint portraits of people and emotions that resonate in me at a given stage of life.
I created the collection of folklore paintings out of nostalgia for my Home culture and its beauty.
I spent years living in culturally different countries and on different continents, where I broadened my views and learned something new from different backgrounds, but also appreciated my own culture and place in the world. First lessons of painting I took from my father whom was also a painter, later I mastered the skill learning directly from Alex Venexia, Michael Smith, Louis Carr and some more..
In 2021, I was chosen by the International Association of Art Critics to participate in the London Art Biennale. In 2022, I took a place among the best works selected by FiKVA (Belgium) and BoldBrush (USA), I got to semi-finals of most prestigious competition in the world – ARC Salon (USA). I have been painting continuously for 3 years, since pandemic, setting the bar high for myself. The longer I am involved in creating, the more confident I am of this lifes mission. I have one goal and I happily share my vision when meeting with other art enthusiasts!

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