David Vijsma GlitchART

David Vijsma, active as an artist since 1985, mainly works as a painter and photographer. Apart from these well-known art forms, he has since the beginning of 2014 focused on making his digital glitchart. However, he does not do this with popular editing programs such as Photoshop. He has joined a group of artists who are active on the worldwide web. And edit photos with audio-edit-software Audacity.

By editing a photo file in Audacity instead of a music file and then turning the buttons and sliders, he gets the most unpredictable and unique effects. Meanwhile, there are more ways to edit photos in an original way. All these experiments lead to his Glitch artworks.

In addition to digital art, David Vijsma also likes to make paintings in the old-fashioned way: easel / canvas / paint.

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