Jay Anton de Paris is the Artist Name of Jay Fernando a British National, an accountant , businessman and entrepreneur embarked into the field of art purely by accident in 2010 where he started producing high quality digital art as a hobby. His first sale of art was 16 creations on canvas., sold all at once through a gallery in the UK to a collector. From that date to now in 2023 his art is bought by discerning enthusiasts from over 40 countries on a regular basis.
Since that he does produce art on a weekly basis from abstract creations to bright and colourful, artist impressions of scenes , objects and persons..
His creations brings out a sense of positivism, strength and brightness to peoples lives like he does to all who know him. The art comes from the bottom of the heart of creative genius, to produce a picture from how he feels at the time of creation. Colour symmetry and brightness result in a work of art that lifts the spirits of anyone from any state of mind.

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